The Big Apple: the architecture of New York City


New York City – particularly the island of Manhattan and its approaches – fires the imagination through its imprint on literature, drama and film.  Its significance in the history of the United States is as a great port, the gateway to America, and as a melting pot, the destination of immigrants and the home of a remarkably polyglot community.  It is the site of some of America’s most famous and iconic buildings and the home of some of the world’s greatest art.  The city has a distinctive blend of abundance, variety and excitement:  visiting New York is an unforgettable experience.

This lecture surveys New York City’s built environment, from the comparatively ancient buildings of the nineteenth century, to the great skyscrapers of the first half of the twentieth century and more recent additions to the famous skyline, running from the harbour northwards to the tip of Manhattan.

For background information about some of the sites mentioned in this lecture, please click here.

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