Tour handbooks

Raven Hall Hotel, North Yorkshire: Tuesday September 29th 2015

Mike Higginbottom’s Interesting Times tours have an educational slant – along with visits to unusual places, comfortable hotels, memorable meals out and excellent company – and the opportunity to learn about history through travel is underpinned by the comprehensive handbook that accompanies each tour.

Printed in A4 format and full colour, they include extensive text about each place visited and background information to provide context, with relevant photographs, maps and diagrams.

Surplus copies for sale are available through the hyperlinks below:

Historic York (April 2009)

Country Houses of North-East Yorkshire (May 2009) [out of stock]

Manchester’s Heritage 1 (June 2009)

Historic Chester (September 2009)

Taking the Waters:  the history of spas & hydros – Derbyshire (October 2009) [out of stock]

Waterways & Railways across the Derbyshire Peak (June 2010) [out of stock]

Country Houses of Lincolnshire (August 2010) [out of stock]

Waterways & Railways across the Northern Pennines (July 2011)

Norfolk’s Seaside Heritage (September 2011) [out of stock]

Liverpool’s Heritage (October 2011) [out of stock]

Waterways & Railways between Thames and Severn (July 2012)

Yorkshire Mills & Mill Towns (September 2012)

Lancashire’s Seaside Heritage (July 2013) [out of stock]

Birmingham’s Heritage (September 2013) [out of stock]

Country Houses of South Yorkshire (June 2014)

Manx Heritage (September 2014)

Cemeteries & Sanitation:  the Victorian pursuit of cleanliness (June 2015)

Yorkshire’s Seaside Heritage (September 2015)

The Derbyshire Derwent Valley (June 2016)

Humber Heritage (September 2016)

Railways of Devon (June 2017)

Sheffield’s Heritage (October 2017) [out of stock]

Waterways & Railways of the East Midlands (September 2018)

Manchester’s Heritage 2 (June 2019)

Pugin and the Gothic Revival (September 2019)