Demolished Sheffield (A4 publication)


Hyde Park Flats, Sheffield: demolition (1992)

Demolished Sheffield has 112 A4 pages in full colour and features twenty-seven sites across the city, and one in the Borough of Rotherham.




Norwood Hall, Sheffield (1976)

Demolished Sheffield illustrates some of the Sheffield buildings that have been demolished since the mid-1970s, alongside others that remain but face an uncertain future.

Sheffield’s historic buildings have been retained or rescued in times past by citizens alert to their value, but much has been lost, and some of it is regretted.

Mike Higginbottom’s text draws attention to the reasons why much-loved landmarks bite the dust, and queries whether some of them could have had a future.

In particular, the book gives examples of buildings that fall beneath the radar of listing and conservation-area status but can make an important contribution to the townscape and to community well-being.

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